May 4-5, 2024Come experienceliving history

Skirmish in the Valley is a nationally recognized Civil War reenactment. We have been featured in The Civil War Times, The Civil War Courier, Alabama Magazine, The Abbeville Institute, and numerous other national and regional publications. We are also listed as a tourism destination with the State of Alabama Department of Tourism. Fiddler's Green is listed as a film location as well, with the Alabama Film Comission. Come take a step back in time and experience what it was like to live back in the Civil War era.

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An Introduction


picture of the battle

Chris and Heather Dempsey. Gibson Photography (2003) Gettysburg, PA. Taken by the same camera that President Jefferson Davis sat for in 1861.

Fiddler’s Green is a part of my Great-Grandfather’s 100 acre plus farm, which was before that, a part of a 1000 acre farm belonging to Mr. Butler Green.

Seven generations of our family have lived here on these hills and valleys. There were barns, a working gristmill and a store on this farm during the 19th century. We are proud to devote a portion of this property each year to helping others discover their very own connections to the time and era of the War Between the States, and all that that meant for people trying to carve out a living during that tumultuous time in the history of our country.